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When should I have my oil and filter changed on my car?

Manufacturers  recommendations vary from  replacing your car's oil and oil filter every 3,000 miles or every 3 months to extended Oil Changes. At Larson's Service,  for many years, we had been advising our clients to change their Oil every 3,000 or  6 months whichever came first.......

However, with the improvement in todays engines and High Quality SYNTHETIC OIL, we are recommending EXTENDED OIL CHANGES to many of our clients who can benefit from this Quality Service.

While there are many grades of Synthetic Oil on the market today,  at Larson's Service, we offer  MOBIL ONE SYNTHETIC OIL which meets or exceeds recommendations of Oil Specifications     on most of todays engine.

And those extended Oil Changes will make life more convenient for you, making Less Oil Change Visits:) One less thing to do in your busy day!

This is way good stuff; for you, your engine and the environment!

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